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Care Through The Millennium (CTTM) run homes providing specialised healthcare and rehabilitation services for adults with learning disabilities, mental health and Neurodisability needs.

We focus on specialised quality care within a supportive environment, designed to give each of our clients the best possible treatment, the opportunity to maximise their potential and, where possible, be rehabilitated back into the community.

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Learning Disabilities

We cater for the special needs of adolescents and adults, over 18 years, with learning disabilities, including autism, Aspergers Syndrome and challenging behaviours, providing short and long term healthcare and therapeutic treatments.


We provide specialised care focused to meet specific needs in secure and safe surroundings. These services are tailored to the needs of individuals who need time and space to cope with different aspects of psychological trauma.


Our dedicated centres provide tailored programmes for the needs of adults and adolescents, over 18 years, with a mental illness. Our professional and highly skilled team provide support and therapeutic techniques specifically designed for each individual.


Autism Services provide assessment, diagnostic, intervention and support for intellectual and developmental difficulties and disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Conditions and Sensory Processing Disorders.