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We are pleased to announce that the Winner for the month of December 2022
is …… Ben Boateng.

I would like to nominate Ben Boateng as employee of the month. Ben has worked at The Loft as a night staff member since 2018. Ben has worked with many individuals throughout supported living, however has been an essential member of one team at The Loft, which can be very challenging at times.

Ben (known as Pinocchio by the service user) is well liked by all, he always goes above and beyond in ensuring the service users are happy and relaxed.

Ben is an excellent example to staff and always uses a great and humorous approach, nothing is too much to ask of him. Ben is always willing to go on holidays, and comes in early once a month to take service users on evening activities.

Ben has excellent attendance and timekeeping, he covers lots of overtime and is very reliable.
There is rarely an incident if Ben is on shift as his calm nature and years of experience helps to de-escalate any issues. Ben is very supportive of other members of the team and will respond if there are incidents elsewhere.

We would like to thank Ben for all of his hard work and reliability especially during challenging times!
We would like to congratulate Ben on winning Employee of the Month for December 2022 and thank him for his valuable contribution to the Supported Living team.

Employee Of The Month