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We are pleased to announce that the Winner for the month of September 2023 is Samuel Mann.

I would like to Nominate Samuel Mann for employee of the month for September.

Sam Mann has worked with us at Supported Living since May 2020. Sam has worked with many service users since he began with us, and is always relied upon to be calm and collected in very challenging situations.

Sam works to a high standard and is a good example to others- if there is a situation where urgent support is needed Sam always makes himself available to help.
Sam often comes in especially to take the service user he supports out on activities- either on the evening or stays over late to complete evening activities. Sam has recently been shadowed by a member of staff learning about an individual – she praised Sam for his knowledge and expertise, and is thankful for his ongoing support.

Sam often comes in to help if there is sickness and absence and is trustworthy and reliable. Sam goes on holiday with the service user he supports regularly and always ensures he has a good time. Sam is responsive to the service users’ needs and has been excellent in providing effective support during seizures and first aid. Sam always remains calm and professional in such incidents.

We are very lucky to have Sam Mann at The Loft!

We would like to congratulate Sam on winning Employee of the Month for September 2023 and thank him for his hard work and dedication, it is greatly appreciated.

Employee Of The Month